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Nollywood movie Queen, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde in this latest interview speaks on her family life which includes her husband, children, her personal life history and her career

As someone with international demands on her career and a Pilot husband, you must have flown on planes lots of times. Have you ever had a near tragic experience on a plane?

Luckily no, and I hope never to have such an experience in Jesus name. I remember my husband had something similar the year of the Sosoliso crash. He flew that day and he dropped the plane that our friend Captain Adebayo took away and unfortunately crashed.

That is the closest shave I’ve had. I remember anytime there is a crash, people usually call or tweet or write me and say “Are you not scared?” and I’m like “We all fly, are you not scared too?”. People think that because my husband is a Pilot, I should be more scared than they are. We all fly everyday so it’s also an awakening call to the Aviation Industry because once that plane takes off, you really can’t change anything. So can we change it from the ground before we take off please!
Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde Speaks On Her Marriage

But you’ve had beautiful memories on a plane. I remember seeing pictures from your wedding which you had on a plane several years ago. I thought that was romantic. When was that and why did you decide to have your wedding on a plane?

I got married in 1996 but we had the plane wedding in 2001. My husband and I are kinda like crazy people and we were thinking, “why just do a usual wedding, let’s do something really different”. We were thinking of a destination wedding and we thought about the logistics. But my husband just suggested, “what if we did it on a plane on a destination to somewhere”. People asked us if we were crazy.

At every level we got to, they will just look at us and start laughing. But at the end of the day, it was a beautiful wedding. We flew from Lagos to Benin. We couldn’t get approval for anything farther. We actually wanted to have an international flight but the procedure was tough. We had to insure everybody on that flight so we could only go as far as Benin.

You’ve been married for 16 years now. Tell me, how has your marriage been?

I bless God, it’s been wonderful. God has been very good and I give most of the glory to Him. And secondly I’d give most of the credit to my husband. Because I think I’m the difficult one, because of the demands of my career and because I’m the woman. But he’s been extremely supportive.
Omotola Jalade Speaks On Her Children

How old are your children?

My first is going to be 16, then I have a 14 year old, a 12 and a 10 year-old.

As a very busy actress, you must be away from your children often. How do you train them to ensure they are well brought up? I am a very hands-on Mum. My kids would tell you I’m extremely strict also because I was trained by a very strict Mum.

My Mum was an Egba woman, she used to sit on me. When they say I’m very strict, I say “You’re lucky, I don’t even sit on you.” I use most of the doctrines from the Bible, I’m always in their business.

As a married woman, eyebrows are often raised when you dress in certain ways. How does your husband feel about these ‘sexy’ clothes you wear?

My husband is extremely in support. I can’t even wear some clothes my husband approves. People would think I’m crazy, they would read meaning into our relationship. He is a very enlightened person and he is someone who believes in your heart. Even with our kids, he trusts them so much.

Tell me one very romantic thing he has done for you that really made you swoon…

I can’t point out one thing. Everything he does is romantic, I wouldn’t lie. There is a reality show they are shooting on us now and people would get to understand how he is. He is just an angel. He does things that the typical African mentality would say a man shouldn’t do. For example, when I was leaving the house today, he escorted me to the car, practically tucked me in, made sure my hair was OK, my dress was not showing out. I think that is romantic.

Does he watch all your movies? He watches every one of my movies. He was just telling me yesterday that he hasn’t watched Private Storm and he was upset about it. I’d tell you the truth, there are some he is not comfortable with. If it’s a movie that is going to be intense, he would say “I’d rather not watch it”.

But he would never say I’m going to stop you from doing it. He is always like “this is your image, this is what you do”. My husband would be watching my movie and say “You people are kissing and you are cheating. Don’t people get turned off?”
Omotola Jalade: The Story Of My Life

Tell me about your childhood? I’m the first of three kids. My father was the manager of Lagos Country Club but I lost him when I was 12. I was extremely close to him and it really affected me because for a long time I was thinking that I would die too.

I felt so much grief and it was a lot of strain on my mother because she had three kids to cater for and she didn’t want our standard of living to drop. I wanted to help her so after I left secondary school I started modeling.

How old were you when you got married and how old are you now?

I got married at 18 in 1996, I’m 33 now.

Did you ever feel like you missed out on your youth as a result of your teen marriage?

At all, I haven’t missed anything. I think it’s also because of the kind of person I’m married to. He’s very adventurous and playful. I don’t think there is anything I want to do now that I am not doing. I’ve never said I want to go somewhere and he’d say you can’t. I can do anything, go anywhere, and he is OK with it.

You got married at 18 and your oldest daughter is 16 now. What would be your reaction if she comes to you and tells you she wants to get married now or in two years time?

If he’s as good as my husband or better, yes, I would let her go on. If he falls short, no
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