Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The COLOURED LIFE INITIATIVE is a youth based initiative aimed at toward encouraging an all round positive lifestyle for the Nigerian youth.
It is geared towards creating a balance between the exuberant, fun-filled life that youths are drawn to and the responsible, value-filled life that the society needs them to lead.

The term COLOURED was often used in referring to the black Americans in the late 19th and 20th centuries. What most people fail to recognize is that these blacks were extremely hard working and it was upon this hard work that the success of the western world was built.
Apart from these, the COLOURED people were also responsible for the revolution of Hip-hop which is the most popular genre of music today as well as a range of other genres of music such as Afro.
Thus the COLOURED life for a youth represents a wholesome life of hard work and responsibility well as ability to have fun as that is a part of youth.
The colored life initiative team is comprised of RESPONSIBLE, VALUE MINDED young people who are not afraid to have fun because they are also youths. Spreading the word that being youth is not just about fun nor is it just about academics, but both in the right amounts can COLOR up your life.
The initiative will be bringing up projects such as A THOUSAND VOICES which will commence in October as well as the COLOURED MARCH which will be held in December of this year (12:12:12)      

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