Saturday, October 6, 2012

This is a Simple Tip on How to Use the MTN 2 Hours Bundle for Weeks/Months Unlimitedly.

someone Sent this Trick to Me, Now it has been Tested, We all know the MTN Hour Plan? That cost just 250 for 2 Hours now, There is a way you can Use it for Months even when it expires.

1. Load upto N250 on your Phone, Then Send 2H to 131. You will be Subscribed to the MTN 2 Hours Plan with a Data cap of 150MB.. Don’t Panic.

2. So after Browsing and Downloading, Once its get to 2Hrs and You Received a Message from MTN that you’ve Exhausted your 2 Hours Plan, Do this…

3. Send Reset to 131 imm.

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