Friday, May 3, 2013


This is to inform all candidates who participated in the Jamb 2013 Examination, that they will be able to check the outcome of their JAMB 2013 results online free of charge (no scratch card), once it is released, using the guidelines below.

Jamb Result Checker For 2013/2014.
JAMB/UTME 2013/2014 Result Checking
The Jamb Result 2013/2014

The good news is that the the Jamb 2013 result can be checked through JAMB official portal without using a Scratch Card.

You won’t be needing any scratch card nor additional payments to even check your JAMB RESULT.
Checking your Jamb Result will be as easy as A.B.C and we advise that you CHECK your JAMB RESULT with a computer or laptop.
You can also CHECK JAMB RESULT via a high end smart phone or mobile device.
The reason why we advise that you CHECK your JAMB RESULT with a Computer is because, You’ll need to Print out the slip which is not obtainable on some Mobile Phones except the latest HD/Smart Mobile phones.
To check your result, you’ll need to visit the JAMB official Website @ JAMB OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

Here are the Official Guidelines to Jamb Result Checker, which is authorized by the Jamb Official Board.

Requirements To Check Jamb 2013/2014 Result.
1. Your PIN.
2. Your Serial Number or Registration Number.

JAMB/UTME 2013/2014 JAMB Result Checking Instructions
1. You’re required to visit JAMB OFFICIAL WEBSITE:
2. When it opens up, do check your upper right side once site is opened.
3. Then insert your PIN, Serial No. or Reg Number.
4. When your JAMB 2013 RESULT has been shown to you, print out the copies for further usage.

Note that Further information regarding the Jamb Result Checker 2013 will be share via this Website.

Things to note in Checking Jamb Results 2013

1. You will not be buying a scratch card to check your results.
2. Keep away from fake Jamb officials, who claims and promise to change your JAMB RESULT 2013/JAMB SCORE 2013 for you.
3. Jamb will never collect money from students so as to rank them higher than other students.
4. Make sure you have the full details of the school you are about to enter before traveling there.
5. You can check Jamb results 2013/2014 on your Computer, Desktop, Laptop, Netbooks and Notepads, IPads and other high tech browsing devices.
You might just have problems printing them except with the usage of a Desktop or Laptop system.

Checking YOUR JAMB RESULT is absolutely FREE.
Please, never pay anyone to CHECK your JAMB RESULT for you

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